There are three types of sets available:

01 | TSM TSM (Transplantation Set Mini)

- All kind of foot and hand interventions
- Biopsies
- Open knee surgery
- Trepanation
- Oral and maxillofacial surgery
- Sternotomies
- Costal interventions
- Fracture dowelling of osteocartilage fragments
- Scaphoidpseudarthroses and fractures
- Removing of old Herbert Screws

D01 Grinder Ø 3,6/2,8 mm x 50 mm
D02 Grinder Ø 4,5/3,7 mm x 50 mm
D03 Grinder Ø 5,4/4,6 mm x 50 mm
D04 Grinder Ø 6,3/5,5 mm x 50 mm
D05 Grinder Ø 7,3/6,4 mm x 50 mm
E01 Extractor Ø 2,8 mm x 50 mm
E02 Extractor Ø 3,7 mm x 50 mm
E03 Extractor Ø 4,6 mm x 50 mm
E04 Extractor Ø 5,5 mm x 50 mm
E05 Extractor Ø 6,4 mm x 50 mm
S1 Push rod Ø 1,5 mm x 85 mm
S2 Push rod Ø 3,3 mm x 85 mm


02 | TSS TSS (Transplantation Set Standard)

- Anatomical reconstruction of joint surfaces in the knee,
  tibial head and ankle joint when there is an osteochondral defect or an OD
- Oral and maxillofacial surgery
- Elbow and shoulder surgery
- Trepanation
- All kind of foot and hand interventions
- Press Fit Collateral Ligament Fixation
- OAT Autologous Osteochondral Transplantations
- Mosaic Plastic
- Harvesting of bone cylinders for therapy in combination with ACT

D06 Grinder Ø 8,35/7,45 mm x 70 mm
D07 Grinder Ø 9,40/8,50 mm x 70 mm
D08 Grinder Ø 10,45/9,55 mm x 70 mm
D09 Grinder Ø 11,5/10,60 mm x 70 mm
D10 Grinder Ø 12,7/11,65 mm x 70 mm
D11 Grinder Ø 13,9/12,85 mm x 70 mm
D12 Grinder Ø 15,1/14,05 mm x 70 mm
D13 Grinder Ø 16,3/15,25 mm x 70 mm
E06 Extractor Ø 7,45 mm x 70 mm
E07 Extractor Ø 8,50 mm x 70 mm
E08 Extractor Ø 9,55 mm x 70 mm
E09 Extractor Ø 10,60 mm x 70 mm
E10 Extractor Ø 11,65 mm x 70 mm
E11 Extractor Ø 12,85 mm x 70 mm
E12 Extractor Ø 14,05 mm x 70 mm
E13 Extractor Ø 15,25 mm x 70 mm
S06/08 Push rod Ø 6,0 mm
S09/10 Push rod Ø 9,0 mm
S11/13 Push rod Ø 11,25 mm
A07 Applicator Ø 8,5 mm
A08 Applicator Ø 9,55 mm
A09 Applicator Ø 10,6 mm
A10 Applicator Ø 11,65 mm
A11 Applicator Ø 12,85 mm
A12 Applicator Ø 14,05 mm
A13 Applicator Ø 15,25 mm
A14 Applicator Ø 16,45 mm


03 | TSX TSX (Transplantation Set Maxi)

- Anatomical reconstruction of joint surfaces in the knee
- Tibial head
- Open knee surgery
- open surgery of the shoulder
- Oral- and maxillofacial surgery
- Open femoral head
- Intervention to mastoid
- Joint of hand, distal surfaces of the radiusjoint and metaphysis
- Mega OAT

D14 Grinder Ø 17,5/16,45 mm x 70 mm
D15 Grinder Ø 18,7/17,65 mm x 70 mm
D16 Grinder Ø 19,9/18,85 mm x 70 mm
D17 Grinder Ø 21,1/20,05 mm x 70 mm
E14 Extractor Ø 16,45 mm x 70 mm
E15 Extractor Ø 17,65 mm x 70 mm
E16 Extractor Ø 18,85 mm x 70 mm
E17 Extractor Ø 20,05 mm x 70 mm
S14/17 Push rod Ø 14,5 mm
A15 Applicator Ø 17,65 mm
A16 Applicator Ø 18,85 mm
A17 Applicator Ø 20,05 mm
A18 Applicator Ø 21,25 mm



The applicator is used for inserting the bone cylinder into the bearing of the defect.



The head of the hollow grinder is covered on both its outside and inside with a coating of fine diamonds which grants an atraumatic and precise grinding of bones.
The galvanic bonding of the diamonds guarantees long life with low wear – proper handling provided.



Extractors, recognized by their inner profiles are used to extract the grinded cylinders out of the bone. Each extractor is assigned to its corresponding diamond grinder.
The frontside is grinded sharp-edgedly in order to make the cutting of cartilage tissue possible. At the end there is a hole for the extractor handle.



Fitting to the respective drilling machine, the adaptor is clicked into the corresponding quick change clutch. Then the diamond grinder is set into the quick action collet chuck and fixed with the cap nut. The adaptor contains an integrated supply for the internal flush and cooling of the diamond grinders. The cannula for the washing supply is located at the base of the adaptor.