Diasurge is an inside washed precision grinding instrument for application in bone surgery.

The newly developed method of the Diamond hollow grinding system is based on the atraumatic wet grinding of bones, with which it is possible to gain an artefact free vital transplantation cylinder and an intact support of the implant.

The instruments consist of an adapter for the drilling machine, the diamond-covered hollow grinder and the appropriate extractors with handles, and push rods for the removal of the bone cylinder. For application of the bone cylinder an additional applicator could be used.


ACL - DATS Instruments for foreign material free ALL PRESS FIT Reconstruction of the ACL with Semitendinosus-Gracilis, Quadriceps and BTB.



DBCS® - Surgical Diamond Core Reamers for the Arthroscopic Bone and Cartilage Transplantation.
New applicators for the careful inserting of the bone cartilage cylinders by view.