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Who are we

Founded January 2004 as a Spin Off Enterprise from the "Center of Orthopedic Research Munich" by CEO Jörg Giessler, M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering Schlüchtern and Breslau.
Targets: Development, Production and Distribution of Surgical Diamond Instruments for Special Usage in Bone Surgery like Bone - Cartilage - Transplantation (AOT, OATS), ACL- PCL- MPFL Reconstruction without Implants, Biopsies, Bio-Osteosynthesis and more in ALL-PRESS-FIT without any foreign material.
Also Diamond Grinders for Neuro-Surgical-Applications 

What we are standing for

We are standing for new innovative Inventions in Orthopedics and Traumatology for the welfare of the patients and health economy.

What makes us unique

We are developing very special high precision Diamond Instruments for usage in orthopedics and traumatology which are used for surgical procedures in which only autologous material is used. No foreign material is needed to achieve very good results.

How we would like to effect this world

We would like that the orthopedic-traumatologic world starts to think different. Starts to move away from superfluous cost intensive and economical apprehensive methods. We are standing for the independence of medicine and industry. We want that medicine is a market show for the industry.


Business Plan competition winner of START UP Hessen-Thuringia 2006

Registration of 3 Patents

Production under CE Regulations in Germany - Country of Origin: Germany

Countries of Selling actual: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Egypt, Iran, Russia