Problem: Ingrowth of fibrotic tissue into the interfaces of the cylinders- possible loss of stability - longer enduration of the ingrowth period.
The harvesting of bone-cartilage cylinders takes place by a punch or a conventionel trephine. The defect of the material/tissue is in this case usually bigger than in comparison with diamond grinders. Also a press fit technology in this form could not be done accurately. The remaining spaces between the single cylinders are substituted by scarf tissue respective fibrotic tissue.

Puzzle Technic

Advantage: Stable complete integration of bone-cartilage cylinders - fast ingrowth by good imbedding in the bearing of the transplanted cylinders.

Hollow grinding with thin walled hollow grinders and additional harvesting of the donor cylinder for press-fit implantationin a previously grinded bearing is guaranting a stable integration with fast ingrowth of the cylinder. No development of fibrotic cartilage resp. fibrotic tissue. Direct stability. Short stay in the clinic.